We do not receive any commissions, custodial fees or referral fees.

As trusted family advisers, we serve as a fee-only manager. This important distinction ensures that we are totally objective. We believe being a fee-only manager offers investors peace of mind that all decisions and actions have the sole intention of being in their best interests

Our Fees

FIM Group's fee schedule is straightforward, transparent and simple. It is based solely on the value of the assets we manage on behalf of our clients. We do not receive any commissions, custodial fees or referral fees. We have no fee-sharing arrangements with the service providers, trust companies or brokers we use on behalf of our clients. We believe that this simple, straightforward approach reduces the conflicts of interest and gives us incentive to control expenses and perform for our clients.

Keeping expenses low is an important component of good investment performance. Minimizing expenses reduces pressure on the manager to take undue risks to overcome costs. As long-term investors we are committed to a fee schedule that provides stability and predictability for our clients. Compared to other managers that employ similar management, we believe our fee is a reasonable and fair compensation for providing a quality investment management service and aligning our incentives with our clients' best interests.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our approach is characterized by flexibility, comprehensive analysis and discipline. We believe that placing geographic, sector, asset class or relative benchmark constraints on portfolio management limits investment success and risk management.

We further believe:

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Dynamic Investment Process

Investment Process

We employ fundamental, cyclical, behavioral and technical analyses to identify opportunities that meet our strict investment criteria. We decide to buy when we consider the investment a risk-adjusted bargain, providing a margin of safety. Conversely, when prices reach levels that we believe no longer reflect compelling value, we sell. Because the investment world is dynamic, we believe managing portfolios must also be dynamic. Each portfolio we manage is closely monitored and positioned to achieve success in a rapidly changing investment landscape.

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Research Process

Investment Objective

The common objective for each of our investment strategies is to generate positive total returns (consisting of capital gains, interest and dividend income) over the long term. As such, we encourage investors to stay focused on the absolute performance of their portfolio rather than performance relative to popular market proxies such as the S&P 500 Stock Index.

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Risk Management

Risk Management

The primary risk we seek to mitigate is the permanent loss of portfolio value. This is distinctly different from the day-to-day portfolio volatility and short-term relative performance "risks" often prioritized by others in our industry. Our approach is to take a longer-term perspective and be patient with strong investment ideas that may be currently out of favor. It gives our team the freedom to embrace periods of fear in the market, not be overly concerned with short-term performance relative to "the market," and invest opportunistically when others are forced to sell.


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