Matt Desmond joined the FIM Group in September 2012. He applies his extensive financial, investment, writing and management expertise across the board at FIM, including client financial planning, client relations, marketing and investment strategy. A Chartered Financial Analyst with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and French from the University of Notre Dame, Matt brings nearly two decades of equity analysis, portfolio management, financial writing and financial management.

Matt spends as much of free time as possible outdoors with his wife and three young daughters. He loves mountaineering, running, fishing, hunting, biking and backpacking. Matt is also committed to community service with a particular focus on poverty alleviation efforts across the globe. He is the Board Treasurer for On the Ground, a Traverse City based nonprofit that serves impoverished agricultural communities in Ethiopia; Chiapas, Mexico; Nicaragua; DR Congo; and Palestine. He also serves several roles at his daughters’ school including basketball and track coach, maple syrup making instructor, substitute French teacher and fundraiser.