Suzanne Stepan’s primary role is managing client portfolios. She is responsible for aligning individual holdings within each portfolio to meet specified target risk tolerances. This process entails modeling portfolios to ensure a diverse spread of quality holdings which requires daily security monitoring, market analysis and asset allocation review. With more than 20 years of experience as an investment professional, Suzanne possesses a broad knowledge in a variety of financial securities, trading strategies and financial markets. Her product experience includes fixed-income and convertible securities, equities and warrants.

Prior to joining FIM Group, Suzanne was employed by Noddings Investments as a vice president and senior portfolio manager. In this role, Suzanne used proprietary mathematical models to identify undervalued convertible securities while managing a convertible arbitrage strategy. The strategy employed convertible bonds while simultaneously executing a short position in the underlying stock. The strategy required strict daily monitoring of market movements for short stock hedge adjustments or possible convertible security sales.

Suzanne holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Northern Illinois University and a degree of Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) with distinction from Lawrence Technological University. In September 1999, she received her Charter Financial Analyst certification and in July 2010, certification as a Certified Financial Planner in accordance with CFP® Board Certification and renewal agreements.